Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dinner - Chop Suey


the handsome chef <3

dinner selfieee
finished meal

it was so good! :D


PHEW! it has been a LOOONG time since i updated the blog, but with moving to sweden/getting settled/starting school, i haven't had the time or the energy to update. I hope you all have been well, and if you'd like you can always follow me on instagram - surruhmac :D

so i'm officially moved in in linköping, living with my boyfriend and taking a swedish course at the university. i have my exam on saturday to see if i pass and get into the semester-long swedish course. cross your fingers for me! ive been studying and learning a lot, so hopefully i pass. maybe ill even start writing in swedish on the blog! with english translations of course ;)

here are some pics of my time so far in sweden, makeup looks i've been trying out and some new purchases :) i'll try to start regularly posting outfits this week.

our new bed :D the headboard is made from an old door!

i dyed my hair back to black :) i find it very complimentary for fall/winter 

my going out look this past friday :D

with my boo lynette at platå

new shoes the boyf bought me! ive been dying for cheetah print shoes

my latest makeup purchases, all from kicks - cream eyeshadow stick in Super Girl, lip liner in Naked Nude and matte lipstick in Cashmere, perfect nude lip i must say!

talk to you soon! xoxo