Thursday, March 27, 2014

the sun!

the sun is shining its brave little heart over bremerhaven for the next few days, so im taking advantage and wearing some spring-time outfits. now, it's still windy as hell and that wind is cold so im wearing leggings under the skirt but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? skirt and crop top both from h&m.

run it

yesterday's run

Monday, March 24, 2014


Beyonce ft. Jay-Z - Drunk in Love

"i been drankin, i been drankin, i be filthy when that liquor get into me, i been thankin, i been thankin, why can't i keep my fingers off you baby, i want you..."

Hippie Sabotage - Stay High (Tove lo flip)

stayin' in my play-pretend, where the fun ain't got no end..can't go home alone again, need someone to numb the pain..

you're gone and i gotta stay high, all the time, to keep you off my mind.."

Disclosure - You and Me (Flume Remix)

"gonna be you, and me...gonna be everything you ever dreamed.."

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

red light district

so story time. I was getting ready for work this morning (i work at a hotel now) and i thought to myself, "is this too much eye makeup to be work appropriate? eh, what the hell, too late to change it now." fast foward 10 minutes as im walking down lessingstrasse AKA bremerhaven's red light district, towards the bus stop, and an old man pushing a grocery cart asked me, in german, "how much?" i said,"how much for what" and he said "How much money" and then it hit me. too much eye makeup for work.

pictures of the responsible makeup:

Saturday, March 15, 2014

drugstore purchases

so i filmed a video on youtube of some of my recent drugstore purchases (excluding the lip products i already wrote about on here). feel free to check it out!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


i'm sure most of you have already seen this clip, but they have strangers meet and then kiss each other. it sounds kind of weird but its actually really beautiful. i hope you all watch it.

this or that??

red vs. purple

curly vs. straight

thoughts? might have a blonde pic up soon...


Monday, March 10, 2014


I thought i'd post a list of some of the songs i'm really diggin right now and think you all should check out. its a pretty eclectic mix, so something for everyone but i'm trying to stick to that chill/happpy go lucky summertime vibe in an attempt to summon spring haha

johnny flynn - kentucky pill
johnny flynn and laura marling - the water
laura marling - ghosts
kendrick lamar - hol up
kendrick lamar  poetic justice
the tallest man on earth - love is all
the tallest man on earth - wind and walls
vampire weekend - campus
hospitality - eighth avenue
hospitality - sleepover
sam and ruby - chillin
cat power - the greatest
cat power - sea of love
cat power - i found a reason
zac brown band - no hurry
jack's mannequin - holiday from real
veronica maggio - sergels torg
veronica maggio - hela huset
the kinks - strangers
the kooks - she moves in her own way
noah and the whale - 2 atoms in a molecule
noah and the whale - 5 years time
noah and the whale - shape of my heart
rufus wainwright - 14th street
phantogram - mouthful of diamonds
arctic monkeys - a certain romance
beach house - take care
sleepy rebels - unbelievable

hope you find something you like!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

lip products

so i've recently accumulated a decent amount of new lip colours so i thought i would share them with you guys and show some swatches. be prepared for lots of red, coral and pink, because i'm preparing for spring :)

from L to R: 

Essence - cotton candy #10; Maybelline passion red #535; maybelline super stay 14hr lipstick infinitely fuschia #160

from L to R:

Essence xxxl longlasting lipgloss (no colour name); rival de loop young parisienne #26; maybelline color sensational schocking coral #910; astor heidi collection #003 cheeky

with the exception of the rival de loop (it was 1 euro), they're all very creamy and smooth on the lips and the color payoff is great. most of the photos were only one swatch. overall, i'm happy with my purchases :)


Saturday, March 8, 2014


i've been searching for some leather-looking tights/trousers for about a year now. every pair i've found either didnt fit right in the crotch area, or the legs were waaaaay too long (i'm on'y 5'3ish) yesterday, i last minute decided to stop into pimkie and found this perfect faux leather looking tights for 13 euros! unbelievable. and they're not very thick at all, so i can definitely rock them now in the spring and summer. super excited ! (if anyone wants to buy them, keep in mind they're very stretchy.  i got XS)


early morning, (for me at least), woke up around 9, showered, had breakfast and then went with my aunt, uncle and cousin to look at the new apartment my aunt and uncle are moving into this summer. it's not completely built yet, but it looks really nice so far. lots of windows, open space. the kind of apartment i'd like to have.

i've been on pinterest almost nonstop looking at home decor for my and martin's new apartment we'll be moving into this summer when i move to sweden. i've never had my own apartment, so i'm super excited about that! i added a little widget to the left side of my blog if you'd like to check out my pinterest. i also pin stuff about fashion, hair and makeup :D

tomorrow, i'll go for a run since its looking to be 60 degrees or so, but i'm having a pretty lazy weekend. that's okay by me. just catching up on some of my favorite shows-- scandal!!!!, hannibal, new girl, person of interest, elementary, my mad fat diary, modern family and a few others. i never used to watch TV and then i met martin and it's all i do haha bad influence

hope you're all enjoying your weekend,


what kind of face is this?

Friday, March 7, 2014


So my dear friends, today is friday. This week went by incredibly fast which is AWESOME because i am literally just counting down the days until July when I move to sweden. I had my german course yesterday which was actuallly pretty fun with short bursts of excruciating boredom, so no complaints there haha. I went for a quick run yesterday, about a 5k (35 min) which is pretty good considering what a couch potato i've been the past, oh, i dont know, 6 months? but the weather is finally starting to slowly warm up and the sun is shining its brave little soul on the grey wasteland of Bremerhaven so it's actually been pretty nice to live here lately. I'm going for another run with my uncle today (this one will be about 8k) so im mentally preparing myself :p

before the run, i'm going to have lunch with my oma and opa as usual, and then meet my friend from class Mashad (she's from iran) because she saw some clothing store in town is hiring and she wants me to check it out so we're going to go together. this will be the first time we've "hung out" together outside of class so hopefully it all goes well and i dont  scare her haha. shouldnt be a problem, because i'm much nicer in german than in english :p

I've finally established a solid regimen regarding my meds and I have really high hopes for it that this could be the one for me, so hopefully i'll start feeling better in the next couple weeks. i was off my meds for about 2 weeks (always a TERRIBLE IDEA) because i ran out and was brizzy broke, so it will be nice to feel human again.

so that's what's been going on with me, what's been going on with you guys?


Monday, March 3, 2014


so my plan today was to wake up early and go to the doctor because i need to get my prescriptions refilled, but i couldn't sleep last night so getting up at 8am was just outta the question unfortunately haha i'm going to to try go tomorrow, if not in the morning then in the afternoon. (they're only open in the mornings on mondays). I went to my grandparents' for lunch as usual--some meat and potatoes, good ol' fashion german food :p then i went for a run with my uncle Jörg-- took about an hour for 7-8km. we took 8 minutes off of last week's time, which i think is pretty good :) we're aiming to go again on friday, and i might go by myself for a 5k on wednesday. now i need to go take a shower and do my german homework for tomorrow. hope you're all doing well!

ps:  a new youtube channel i just discovered here Her name is Gigi, and she is one of the funniest people i have ever seen on youtube. i highly recommend you all check her out!


after my run haha:

with my little cousin Sandro who stopped by in his Spiderman outfit for Fasching :p

Sunday, March 2, 2014


i hope everyone is having a lovely weekend--mine has been quite tame, just lounging around the house and stuffing my face. i also discovered a new favorite tea-- Rooibos (caramel flavored) with just a touch of milk..delicious. and apparently rooibos tea is good for the skin too, so i'll need to start drinking it more often! im going for a run with my uncle tomorrow--wish me luck that i don't die like i did last week haha