Friday, March 7, 2014


So my dear friends, today is friday. This week went by incredibly fast which is AWESOME because i am literally just counting down the days until July when I move to sweden. I had my german course yesterday which was actuallly pretty fun with short bursts of excruciating boredom, so no complaints there haha. I went for a quick run yesterday, about a 5k (35 min) which is pretty good considering what a couch potato i've been the past, oh, i dont know, 6 months? but the weather is finally starting to slowly warm up and the sun is shining its brave little soul on the grey wasteland of Bremerhaven so it's actually been pretty nice to live here lately. I'm going for another run with my uncle today (this one will be about 8k) so im mentally preparing myself :p

before the run, i'm going to have lunch with my oma and opa as usual, and then meet my friend from class Mashad (she's from iran) because she saw some clothing store in town is hiring and she wants me to check it out so we're going to go together. this will be the first time we've "hung out" together outside of class so hopefully it all goes well and i dont  scare her haha. shouldnt be a problem, because i'm much nicer in german than in english :p

I've finally established a solid regimen regarding my meds and I have really high hopes for it that this could be the one for me, so hopefully i'll start feeling better in the next couple weeks. i was off my meds for about 2 weeks (always a TERRIBLE IDEA) because i ran out and was brizzy broke, so it will be nice to feel human again.

so that's what's been going on with me, what's been going on with you guys?


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