Monday, November 25, 2013

FIRST IMPRESSION: Dior Purifying Cleansing Milk

So today I was flying back to Germany from visiting my boyfriend in Sweden, and even though I'd done some minor damage at H&M I hadn't satisfied my shopping itch. So I stopped by the Euroshop in the airport (luckily they accepted euros, even though I had to receive my change in SEK) and I found something I'd always been interested in purchasing but never found the right time. Well, this was the right time. I found the Dior purifying cleansing milk for about 245 SEK, a little under 30 euro.

From the packaging:

with crystal iris extract
normal or combination skin - for face and eyes

"At the heart of Dior cleansers' performance are 3 voluptuous flowers with unsurpassed benefits in the first step of the skincare ritual. For normal or combination skin (I lean more toward oily but in the winter can be more combination), Dior has selected purifying Crystal Iris. The Purifying Cleansing Milk eliminates all traces of makeup while respecting the skin's balance. Freshly unveiled, the skin is clear, matte, radiant."

Aqua, butylene glycol, isohexadecane, ethylhexyl palmitate, isdododecane, glycerin, diaprylyl carbonate, iris florentina root extract, phenoxyethanol, octlododeceth-25, aacrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, tetrasodium edta, parfum, sodium hydroxate, BHT**

**Now, these are a whole lot of words I don't understand so I'm not going to be making any claims about the benefit of them on the skin, I'm just going by what Dior is stating.

Me with a full face of makeup-- manhattan matte foundation, ben nye banana powder, mac blush, smashbox eyeshdow in 'chestnut', l'oreal liquid liner, l'oreal balm riche on the lips, and smashbox sumatra to fill in my brows

After reading some reviews online, I figured my best bet for using the cleanser was to apply it to dry skin, massage it in (I did this one area at a time--first on cheeks/chin, then on forehead, then eyes, removing the cleanser with a cotton pad after each section). I then did one final cleansing and rinsed with warm water. This may have been overkill, tomorrow night when I use it I'll just use it as a normal cleanser and compare the results. After about two/three weeks or so, I'll have a full review for you guys. But, after having used it tonight, I have to say my skin feels extremely soft, not tight or dry like with some other cleansers. I do have a little eye irritation, but I have unbelievably sensitive eyes and it might have been from rubbing the cotton pad a little too vigorously. Only time will tell.

 I used my trusty neutrogena toner to see if any makeup remained, and this was the result:

Based on the coloring, I would say this is mostly the eyeshadow I use to fill in my eyebrows. Still, not a great first impression for  an expensive designer cleanser that claims to remove all makeup. I'll keep experimenting with methods of use, and get back to you all with my final thoughts. On the bright side, I do have to say my skin looks really radiant and and feels very smooth.

Face post-cleansing (the power of makeup, amirite?)
Stay tuned for a full review in a few week's time! Will be purchasing La Roch Posay Effaclar K soon, and post a first impression about that as well.

Bis naechstes mal,

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Finally filmed my mini haul, it's fairly poor quality but I'm working on addressing that issue. Please check it out on my YouTube channel located in the left sidebar or by clicking here: 

Ps I couldn't figure out how to film myself wearing my new boots so here are some shots :) they're from a brand called mode queen 29.99 €


Saturday, November 9, 2013

i'm too sexy for my shirt

3 guesses as to who I blazed with.. ;)


Saw chippendales show last night..blazed with some of the dudes after. What is life

Tired expat 

Friday, November 8, 2013

I got 99 problems but a cat ain't one

After an annoying, somewhat complicated by the language barrier doctors appointment, I decided to treat myself to a bit of shopping. The real highlight came when I got home and saw this furry little thing hanging around the parking lot. I consider myself a dog person but he came right up and started nuzzling me and was so cute and friendly he may have changed my mind. :) haul of what I bought today coming up soon!

bis naechstes mal




Jonathan Simkhai black bustier / Topshop over sized shirt / Saggy skinny jeans, $37 / Ankle boots / Tarnish slouchy beanie

i wanna be

i wanna be

Chloé button up shirt / ASOS bodycon skirt / Alexander McQueen shoes / Christian Louboutin red purse / Betsey Johnson jewelry

warm a/w

warm a/w

Enza Costa top, $96 / White shirt / A.L.C. form fitting pants / Sigerson Morrison flat / Yellow gold earrings / Dorothy Perkins rhinestone bracelet

warm a/w

warm a/w

Enza Costa top, $96 / White shirt / Lover orange shorts / Black bra / Sigerson Morrison flat / Yellow gold earrings / Dorothy Perkins rhinestone bracelet

pop o colour

I  absolutely love autumn. All of the muted yellow tones, the brash oranges and vibrant reds. Fall truly is my favorite season, from the changing of the leaves to the smell of apple cider and pie everywhere :D For this outfit, I wanted to combine two of my favourite things (neutrals, sue me) with a fall-like pop of colour. I think the red purse and the yellow-gold shoes really bring some personality to the outfit, and the infinity scarf is sure to keep our warm xo

pop o colour

Leather jacket / H&M black pants, $40 / Yves Saint Laurent pumps / 3.1 Phillip Lim red purse / Cz ring / Subtle Luxury chunky circle scarf



glitz by surruhmac featuring a mini dress

Amen. mini dress / TIBI black sandals / Yves Saint Laurent leather handbag / Diamond jewelry / Carolee pearl jewelry


I am a makeup fiend, first and foremost and I am genuinely excited about this year's a/w trends. I have large eyelids, so in order to avoid emphasizing them I opt for less eyeshadow on the lid, usually just a winged liner. This gives me a lot of freedom to play around with lip colors, which I love doing. A big-time favorite of mine, not pictured here, is strong woman from MAC. Not sure if it was limited edition or not, but if you can get your hands on it somehow through ebay or something, I highly recommend it. Its a beautiful, buildable, cool purple color.

(ps--all posts structured like this are sets  I've made on and transferred over here to my blog for easy viewing!)


Henri Bendel fragrance / Nail care / Nail polish / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics eyeshadow / Christian Dior blush / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics glitter eyeshadow / Topshop lips makeup / Laura Mercier lipstick

i want to be next to you, black & gold, black & gold

fall 2

Kenzo pullover sweater / Black pants / Sole Society black pumps / Anne Grand Clement black purse, $460 / Owl jewelry / Blu Bijoux gold jewelry / Echo Design infinity scarf / Wayfarer sunglasses

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Autumn jog in BHV

Tried to get in a quick jog today before it got dark out..managed about 3 miles before I had to head home. There are gorgeous trails In the forest here to run but I'm not comfortable going by myself at night. It was, at least, an easy and scenic run. 

Hopefully tomorrow I can run a bit further. For me, it's always been a sign that I'm getting comfortable with my surroundings--when I can lace up my Nike frees and leave the world behind for a bit. What do you do to relax?

bis naechstes mal


For fall, I'm definitely feeling a more subtle approach to make up; muted eyes and soft  cheeks, but full lashes with a deep lip. Reds, plums and burgundies are always a great choice :) just find one that compliments your skin tone!

Lanvin perfume / Matte lipstick / NARS Cosmetics black eyeshadow, $30 / Black eye makeup, $18

but we'll never be royals..

fall 1

iHeart shirts blouse, $270 / Calypso St. Barth vest waistcoat / Paige Denim distressed jeans, $420 / Studded combat boots / Black studded purse / Initial charm necklace / Miss Selfridge bracelet bangle, $30

What are you, bipolar or something?!

We've all heard that phrase annoyingly pointed at someone whose mood seemed to be all over the place. It falls in line with another aggravating question, "what, are you on your period?" To some people, its obvious why these insinuations are hurtful and problematic, but to others, they seem harmless. That is, until you're confronted with the issue head-on in your own personal life.

After having mood issues (mainly depression) that I tried to keep mostly to myself from 13-20, I finally gave in after a tough break-up my sophomore year of college and went to see my Uni's counselor. She asked me a series of questions and I answered the best I could; she wished me luck and told me to e-mail her if I had anymore problems. Before I left, she gave me the name and number of 2 local therapists that she thought it would benefit me to contact, as well as a psychiatrist in the event I needed medication. So I did. The first one was a complete bust. Homeboy asked me maybe 2 questions, launched into a tirade about how love here is so different from in India and then some. By the end of the appointment,  I was sure I knew more about his issues than he did about mine. NEXT PLEASE.

The next therapist was a woman whose office was in a cute little house a few blocks from the downtown area at my college. She was a great listener and even gave me some tips to try and help sleeping come easier. However, after 3 appointments, I didn't feel any different. Now, maybe that wasn't long enough, but as a broke college student I wasn't in a position to continue a treatment that I felt wasn't helping me and that I couldn't afford. so, again, NEXT PLEASE.

Here i found myself at a standstill. I hadn't been able to make an appointment with a psychiatrist, so I figured I could at the very least address one pressing need at the student health clinic--my sleep issues. The doctor (who was an extremely nice dude who couldnt stop talking about his lovely family) prescribed me a sleep aid but also noted that in my file it was written that I was showing symptoms of bipolar disorder (unbeknownst to me). He told me to be sure to get in to see a psychiatrist and get checked out, and I promised I would.

Well, I wasn't able to get an appointment in my college town until the following October. But it was worth the wait. The nurse practitioner that I saw was a lovely woman, and truly care about me. She confirmed my diagnosis, and we started experimenting with drugs, seeing which combo would end up being right for me. After about 2-3 months of hazy thoughts, extreme fatigue, bouts of irrational sadness or anger, we finally settled on a combination of drugs that seemed to control the depression and keep my mood stabilized, but also calmed my anxiety. I was a happy girl.

That is, until I moved to Germany. Germany has a vastly different approach to prescribing medications (I don't know if this is just in regards to mental health or not, seeing as the only doctors I've seen her deal with that realm of medicine) but they certainly prefer therapy to drugs. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing, but when you've had almost a year of a drug regimen that keeps you on track and you're happy with, it's very scary for that to be shaken up in anyway. Currently, she wants to adjust my evening medication (antipsychotic mood stabilizer) to subvert some of the daytime fatigue I've been experiencing. However, she wants to ween me completely off my antidepressant because its a drug they "rarely prescribe here." I don't know what she'd rather me be on, but I guess I'll be finding out soon enough. My next appointment is on Friday.

bis naechstes mal,

Face of the Day! 11.06.2013

What I'm wearing:

Earrings: C&A, Primark
Hoodie: H&M men's section
black tee: stolen from boyfriend

Manhattan matt foundation
l'oreal precision liquid eyeliner
maybelline volum' express lift up
catrice cheek tint - on cheek and lips
brown eyeshadow from stila master pallett to fill in brows + angled brush

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recent *German Drugstore* Purchases

Taking adventure of some time left alone in the house today, I decided to go for a walk and maybe pick up some makeup products along the way. Germany is tricky when it comes to make up, because they have several "american" brands such as l'oreal, maybelline and even wet n' wild I believe, but the rest of the drug store products (with the excepetion of Max Factor) leave a lot to be desired. In the US, it's a pain in the ass trying to find a foundation if you're skin tone is deeper than sun beige. In germany where there are EVEN LESS black folk, it's damn near impossible.

Being mixed race, it's not quite as hard for me as, especially during the winter months, I can get pretty light skinned, but for anyone darker than me, there is zero options. Unless, of course, you go to Douglas [mini German version of Sephora (but fails horribly in comparison)], where you can find designer brands such as CHANEL and Dior. Anyway, I'm rambling. Today I went out to see if I could find a matt, full coverage drug store foundation in my shade. I was previously using L'oreal True Match in a mix of w6 and w7, but it just doesn't offer the coverage I like. Then I reverted to my good old makeup forever HD in 153 but even that seems to not do the job.

Well, as luck would have it, I stumbled across a matt mousse foundation from brand Manhattan (which I believe is a French brand). With the 30% Rebatt they had going on, it came in at a whoppin 2,75 euros. What a steal, amirite? One thing I do appreciate about german drugstores is they usually have testers out of all the makeup (and sometimes skincare products) so you can shade-check before you purchase. HOWEVER, fluorescent lighting is not your best friend when it comes to makeup, so I still wasn't exactly sure it was a good match, and unlike in the US, you cannot return used cosmetic products :/ bummer. I ended up leaving with the shade  Bronze 89 (let me reiterate: the DARKEST shade they had). Here's what the makeup claims to be:

Manhattan Powder Matt Make Up:
"Tenderising creamy matting foundation makeup that leave sa velvet matt powder-finish after application. The micro-powder pigments help the avoid shiny skin and create a regular matt consistent and teIder complexion--without leaving bothersome verge lines." Tts 30 ml, pretty basic size over here and so far, I really like it. I've only just tried it, but the color match is decent and the coverage is really good. Will do an updated blog post with my full-review and possibly a demo :) oh! and maybe of the blush tint as well, once I figure how to get the most colour payoff :D


(1)Maybelline Volum' Express lift-up Mascara in black (so far, no good)
(2)Catrice Eyeliner Pen
(3)Catrice Blush Tint for Cheeks and Lips in Rosh Flush
(4)L'oreal Super Line Ultra Precision Pen
and last, a nail polish:
(5)Catrice Ulti Mate Nudes in the shade 05 Bonjour, Chérie!

(1), (5)                                                                                                                     (3), (2), (4)

I've included some swatches of the nail polish, the blush tint, and the eye liner pens:

Eyeliner (Superline one left, Catrice liner on right): In my opinion, the L'oreal isn't great-- the felt tip doesn't not offer as much precision as I was expecting, but it's better than the catrice--hell, it better be at twice the price!

Blush tint (patted into skin on right):

Nail colour:

And one final thing! My cousin Nadine loaned me her copy of P.S. Ich Liebe Dich--i've already read the english version and see the movie, so hopefully it won't be too hard to understand!

bis nachstes mal,

Current Nightly Skincare Routine (Featuring Neutrogena, L'oreal +more!)

I know that birth control pills can be a bit of a divisive topic among certain political affiliations, but in all honestly birth control is the only thing that has genuinely helped with my acne. It clears and prevents it in ways no topical product has ever seemed to do. At the moment, however, I've run into a bit of a problem because I've been living in Germany for the last 7 months, and I only came over here with a four month supply. Probably packed too much clothes..

In any case, I've been breaking out quite badly lately, particularly in the chin/jawnline/lower cheeks area (which is not somewhere that is usually problematic for me). I've assembled a bit of a super team in an effort to try and control the acne until my dr appt. next week to get a new BC script.

For my nighttime routine, I like to start off in 1 of 3 ways (so high maintenance, amirite?) For cleansing, since my poor clarisonic broke (FOR THE SECOND TIME!), I bought one of those facial cosmetic brushes from the drugstore. So I either 1. use that with my SebaMed PH balanced foam cleanser**, 2. Use my Neutrogena cleanser/mask duo as a cleanser, or 3. 2 -3 nights a week I will use the Neutrogena as a five minute mask.

**I find the Neutrogena cleanser a bit to harsh to be used with a brush, so I opt for the gentler of the two options

After this, I use a (1)neutrogena toner to settle the skin and get a little medication in there, followed by my L'oreal Skin Perfection serum, my 40 Carrots sleep cream, and then some retinol eye gel if I've feeling luxurious (which I'm usually not ha!). If I have any really bad active spots I will spot-treat with my LaRoche Posay Effaclar Duo spot treatment (which I absolutely LOVE and high reccommend).


So, there you have it! My nighttime skincare routine. I hope this was helpful to any of you with skin like mine, or even skin not like mine (now you know what NOT to use :p) Keep in mind, skincare is an everchanging things--as far as products are concerned as well as your own individual skin. What works for you make not work for everyone, so keep experimenting until something clicks! And seeing a dermatologist, if you have the means, can also be helpful.

Bis nachstes mal,