Friday, February 21, 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

So it's taken me six months, but i've finally found my perfect color match in a foundation in Germany-- the shade is 3W2 Cashew in Estee Lauder's double wear foundation. It's not exactly impossible for me to find my proper shade--especially in higher end brands with a large selection of colors--considering how long i've been wearing makeup (over 10 years! wow), but the odds that a german store will be carrying that dark (and i'm not even that dark! i feel so bad for anyone darker than me living here looking for makeup haha) of a shade are damn near impossible.

a great recommendation i can make is to use the site --if you plug in your shade in one brand of foundation, they tell you what the equivalent would be in lots of other brands, such as mac, l'oreal, chanel, makeupforever, etc. they've been right so far in the brands i've used!

I like this foundation because it doesn't make me too oily--i have very oily skin and therefore i tend to gravitate towards long wear, mattifying foundations. this one does a great job at staying on my skin without oxidizing throughout the day which is a relief. it really is disappointing when your foundation is the perfect shade and then changes colors halfway through the day. i like to use this foundation with a beauty blender, because i find that even on my oily skin, any dry patches from acne medications i may be using tend to be highlighted when i buff in the foundation with a brush. fingers works well too, just make sure they're clean :) i also have been using the l'oreal youth code magic blur as a primer, and i have to say i'm actually pretty impressed. it does seem to blur my pores and fine lines, and helps at keeping the oil under control.

i'm planning to get a new camera in the next couple weeks, so i can start posting more regularly with pictures and updating my youtube channel again. hopefully i can put up some photographs of me wearing this foundation so you can see what i'm raving about! what are your favorite foundations? any recommendations for oily skin?


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