Tuesday, May 27, 2014


So, tomorrow is Martin and my one year anniversary. I know it's not a huge deal but most of it has been long distance and i'm really happy we've made it this far. only a couple more months until i (hopefully) move to Sweden and we can cut the distance thing out. Anyway, I got a  little package in the mail yesterday and after begging and pleading, martin said i didn't have to wait until wednesday to open it. (I'm going away tomorrow for the weekend to visit family in Hannover so we won't get to talk much). He got me one of these souvenir shirts we saw in gamla stan while I was in Stockholm that says "I <3 MYSWEDISH BOYFRIEND". and the heart is a little swedish flag. it's so tacky and cute and I love it haha. He also wrote me a letter, and it was so sweet and funny and heartfelt that I cried like a baby haha anyway, i love my swedish boyfriend and happy early anniversary boo!

(blurry so yall can't read it lmao)

Me and my handsome man on the farm a couple months ago...guess which one he is :p


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