Monday, June 9, 2014

Babyliss Expert 2100

So, in my last haul you saw the blowdryer I recently bought from TK Maxx (germany's version of TJ Maxx), the babyliss expert 2100. This blowdyer is AMAZING. The diffuser is unlike my last blowdryer, as the fingers don't point out as much from the actual diffuser, so it cups the hair a lot better. you can actually cup your hair into the diffuser and hold it to your head which I really like, because it helps dry the roots faster as well and adds some volume, which i love when my hair is curly. The bigger, the better, is my philosophy. It also has some sort of ion-infusion which, i know most hairdryers state that nowadays but this dryer definitely cuts down on drying time by about 50%. Which is a big deal, because normally it'll take me anywhere from 25-40 minutes to get my hair completely dry and ain't nobody got time for that. It also comes with a concentrator nozzle which I find super helpful for blowdrying my hair straight (which I did yesterday) and my hair dryed less poofy than normal, which is great for cutting down on flat ironing times.

here are some pics of the blow dryer/accessories:

and my hair fully dried: (excuse the dumb face but look at that volume!)

hope this review was helpful! i've heard nothing but good things about babyliss products so i'd definitely check them out if you're in the neighborhood for new hair hardware.


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