Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recent *German Drugstore* Purchases

Taking adventure of some time left alone in the house today, I decided to go for a walk and maybe pick up some makeup products along the way. Germany is tricky when it comes to make up, because they have several "american" brands such as l'oreal, maybelline and even wet n' wild I believe, but the rest of the drug store products (with the excepetion of Max Factor) leave a lot to be desired. In the US, it's a pain in the ass trying to find a foundation if you're skin tone is deeper than sun beige. In germany where there are EVEN LESS black folk, it's damn near impossible.

Being mixed race, it's not quite as hard for me as, especially during the winter months, I can get pretty light skinned, but for anyone darker than me, there is zero options. Unless, of course, you go to Douglas [mini German version of Sephora (but fails horribly in comparison)], where you can find designer brands such as CHANEL and Dior. Anyway, I'm rambling. Today I went out to see if I could find a matt, full coverage drug store foundation in my shade. I was previously using L'oreal True Match in a mix of w6 and w7, but it just doesn't offer the coverage I like. Then I reverted to my good old makeup forever HD in 153 but even that seems to not do the job.

Well, as luck would have it, I stumbled across a matt mousse foundation from brand Manhattan (which I believe is a French brand). With the 30% Rebatt they had going on, it came in at a whoppin 2,75 euros. What a steal, amirite? One thing I do appreciate about german drugstores is they usually have testers out of all the makeup (and sometimes skincare products) so you can shade-check before you purchase. HOWEVER, fluorescent lighting is not your best friend when it comes to makeup, so I still wasn't exactly sure it was a good match, and unlike in the US, you cannot return used cosmetic products :/ bummer. I ended up leaving with the shade  Bronze 89 (let me reiterate: the DARKEST shade they had). Here's what the makeup claims to be:

Manhattan Powder Matt Make Up:
"Tenderising creamy matting foundation makeup that leave sa velvet matt powder-finish after application. The micro-powder pigments help the avoid shiny skin and create a regular matt consistent and teIder complexion--without leaving bothersome verge lines." Tts 30 ml, pretty basic size over here and so far, I really like it. I've only just tried it, but the color match is decent and the coverage is really good. Will do an updated blog post with my full-review and possibly a demo :) oh! and maybe of the blush tint as well, once I figure how to get the most colour payoff :D


(1)Maybelline Volum' Express lift-up Mascara in black (so far, no good)
(2)Catrice Eyeliner Pen
(3)Catrice Blush Tint for Cheeks and Lips in Rosh Flush
(4)L'oreal Super Line Ultra Precision Pen
and last, a nail polish:
(5)Catrice Ulti Mate Nudes in the shade 05 Bonjour, Chérie!

(1), (5)                                                                                                                     (3), (2), (4)

I've included some swatches of the nail polish, the blush tint, and the eye liner pens:

Eyeliner (Superline one left, Catrice liner on right): In my opinion, the L'oreal isn't great-- the felt tip doesn't not offer as much precision as I was expecting, but it's better than the catrice--hell, it better be at twice the price!

Blush tint (patted into skin on right):

Nail colour:

And one final thing! My cousin Nadine loaned me her copy of P.S. Ich Liebe Dich--i've already read the english version and see the movie, so hopefully it won't be too hard to understand!

bis nachstes mal,

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Megan said...

you would be in heaven in korea. so many make up stores.