Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm back! (updated with video)

Hey yall,

Sorry I was MIA for a few days this week. As I mentioned earlier, my boyfriend flew in from Sweden for a few days so I didn't have much time to post ;) But I'm back now and want to tell you a little about his trip and the city, Bremerhaven, that I live in.

Firstly, we stayed in a Jugendherberge or youth hostel because there wasn't room for him at my aunt's where I stay. It was pretty pricey but the room was big and had a nice couch and we had our own bathroom since there was no one in the room next to us.

The first thing I wanted to show Martin about where I live is something called the Klimahaus, or climate house:

This bad boy goes along the 8th east degree of latitude, starting in Bremerhaven and traveling to places like Cameroon, Niger, Samoa, Italy, and Antarctica, just to name a few. The rooms are built specifically for the country they house, and they really go all out. Let's just say, it is very hot in Cameroon and very cold and icy in Antarctica. You also get a chance to learn about the lives of the people who live in these countries and find connections between you and them. It's really interesting and we had a great time. I'm going to go picture-crazy in this post but I hope you guys enjoy it :D

 Sitting on a lamb
 Antarctica! modeling hahaha
 we love this picture haha it's very me


BONUS! A Quick Get Ready With Me Video, Antarctica Style!

Next, we visited the Auswandererhaus, or Emigration house:

This museum retells the stories of the millions of people immigrated to and emigrated from Germany over the 300 years or so. It was amazing to see the various reasons people left, the sheer numbers of people traveling to the US in particular, and for me, the conditions on the ships that took the passengers across the big seas to their new lives. Let's just say, 3rd class was not living the dream..yet, anyway. We also took a test at the end of the tour, that contained a sample of the questions immigrants were asked when they reached the US. Based on their answers, they'd either be let into the country or sent back. Someone, Martin got accepted while I (AN AMURICAN CITIZEN YALL) got turned away. Ain't that a damn shame smh. Anyway, pictures!

 this style suits me, no?
 I found the loo..

chillin' in third class!

We also visited the (small) Weihnachtsmarkt here to eat some Schmalzkuchen..if you're familiar with funnel cake, imagine that instead of a cake, you have little round pieces covered in powdered sugar. That's Schmalzkuchen. And it's deliciousness is life-changing. You can ask Martin ;)
very excited for Schmalzkuchen

We went bowling with my cousins (Martin said he hadn't played in 2 years but broke 100 every round) and I played embarrassingly awfully, as usual.

We also ate lots of junk food, watched a lot of person of interest, and just enjoyed seeing one another in person :) (Even though I'll be seeing him next week when I fly to Sweden haha) It was a great 4 days that went by too fast, but I'm excited for a New Year's in Sweden..That should be an interesting post ;)


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