Saturday, December 14, 2013


If you don't already know (which I'm assuming most of you reading this do not), I am obsessed with the TV show Scandal on ABC. Literally obsessed. Unfortunately being in Germany I can't watch streaming on TV when it airs thursdays nights (they do have the first season in german though!), but I can always find the episode online the next day.

source: IMDb

Now, if you don't watch Scandal (WHICH YOU SHOULD, yes im yelling) it's a show starring Kerry Washington (finally jesus a black woman on primetime) as Olivia Pope, who runs her own company called Pope and Associates (one of whom is Columbus Short...mmm..) She's a "fixer" in Washington, DC so basically whenever someone is caught up in a  "scandal" they come to her to clean up their mess. She's also having an affair with the president which I know many people say is an abusive relationship but I say its TV so let me have my Olitz.

*SPOILER ALERT* Shit got real in the winter finale. All along, we thought Papa Pope was the bad guy as the head of B613, an org within the government that has spies etc does murdering etc is bad etc, however, turns out Mama Pope was a bad bitch and was actually in the wrong all along. Which, of course, they find out after they've put her on a plane to "safety" in China. I realize I'm using a lot of quotation marks right now but i want you to catch my sarcasm/puns :p. In other news, Cyrus's husband James slept with the VP's husband, who she then murdered, Quinn is hooking up with sexy B613 guy, I hate huck, i love abbie and David together and re-election shit is in swing.

SO the question is, what happens when Scandal returns in February? Do James and Cyrus divorce? Does Mama Pope come back for Olivia? (we already know she's in DC for the moment). What becomes of Papa Pope now that Jake (gross) is the new head of B613? What happens with Quinn and Huck? Will Harrison ever get a story line?

Guess we'll have to wait until February..

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