Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I've been up to

So the past few weeks have been slightly (read: extremely) uneventful. I still haven't worked unfortunately, and am broke as I found out I now have a gambling addiction. Addictive personality, I guess. so no more casino for me.

The restaurant I work at had a christmas dinner at this Serbian restaurant and I have to say, the Schnitzel Siziliano was DELICIOUS. I had a great time with my colleagues, and got pretty drunk for free which is always a plus. HAHA. (pics below-- L: my delicious schniztel, R: Me and my friend Marco...I'm drunk if you couldn't tell ;))

My family has also started decorating for Christmas, so there are Advent candles and stars and window stickers out the asshole. But it's nice to get into the holiday spirit, even though I don' feel it much. It's hard to be away from my family-family (parents, siblings) around Christmas time. This is usually my favorite time of the year :/ Luckily my boyfriend is coming to visit from Sweden in a week so that will definitely brighten up my mood a bit :D

We're staying in a Jungendherberge because there's not enough room in the Inn for the virigin mary to--oh wait, I mean there's just one shower here for 6 people and when everyone else has jobs and whatnot, that doesn't really work out. Luckily its cheap and comes with a  free ticket, so I can take Martin (my bf) into town and show him the Weihnachtmarkt (Christmas Market) and everything. I'lll try to go there sometime this week so I can post some pics for you guys. Christmas in Germany really is a beautiful thing.

So Martin will be here the 15th-19th, and then I'll be flying to Sweden right after Xmas on the 26th and staying until the 2nd at his family's farm. I'll definitely be taking lots of pics there, since it's such a cute place and his mom owns a candle store where they (dangerously) let me make my own candles. I already have a few that I've made:

My sister is flying home next week from S. korea (lucky bitch) and I'm so jealous. But at least now when I skype with her there will be other people I love there too. Plus, she needs a break. She's been over there for a year and a half now, and she must be more homesick than I am.

But! My Lehrbuch for my german course finally came in so I can really start buckling down to study for my exam in february. I actually sent for some info about a cosmetology course they have in Bremen in May, I may try to partake in that instead of going back to Uni since I hate Uni. But I do need something to do until I move to Sweden next summer..

I'm also uploading a quick foundation routine to my youtube channel..its just a super quick speed-thru of what I do for a full coverage look in the winter but I'l be sure to post it in case you're interested :D

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. What do you guys do to get into the holiday spirit? Any Christmas traditions in whatever country you're reading from?

Bis nachstes mal,